Wednesday, 5 September 2007

There's always one

After much searching I discovered surveymonkey, a neat online questionnaire service that I'm now using to get user feedback. For a low monthly fee it provides everything I need to create and analyse almost any type of questionnaire I might need. The only problem is that it's only possible to complete the questionnaire on the web. And a large proportion of our users don't have access to the full web, just WAP on their phones. So I'm waiting for the mobile WAP version soon please ...

Here's some positive feedback so far:

  • "Simple, easy to use, new, useful, a great tool to keep in touch with my friends and socialize with new people in the real world"
  • "that you can talk to friends anythime you want"
  • "u can c if ur frends r near"
  • "I like it because u can chat with people all over the world and realize how many people r interested in alot things that u find interesting too!"
  • "i want mobile myspace type mobiluck but instead of browsing who is online i wanna browse who is in the night club im at or who is close by. would love to start smsing good lookin chicks who have just caught my eye"
  • "lets me chat to mates on msn"
  • "I like the concept of knowing who is near my location"
  • "how easy it is to use"
  • "its fun and co-roperative"
  • "its versatil"
  • "just unsubscribe me"
Oy, who wrote that last comment?! Oh well I guess we can't please everyone.

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