Monday, 27 August 2007

Clara is popular

Clara has been around for a while. She is a purchased copyright-free image, used initially to help us demonstrate in screenshots and press releases that you can use the bluetooth MobiLuck application to find pretty women. It was a natural step to transition her to the online WAP version, give her a profile and even virtually locate her either at our offices at MobiLuck or at a restaurant in Paris. But we didn't plan how we would respond to the hundreds of messages she is receiving in her mailbox asking for her phone number. So now she automatically replies to messages, saying: "Hi, you found me! Now you can have fun finding other people nearby and sending them messages. Just set your current location and see who else is around! You can also find places like bars and restaurant­s­ that are nearby too! If you get stuck, click on the ‘?’ tab in the top right of your screen. Good MobiLuck!"
Apart from saving me from hours of creative writing, it also helps explain the service to users.

2 commentaires:

UriL said...

sounds like you might try use a Spleak Id for her :)

Patrick Lord said...

We've actually sent Clara and Tom on holiday for the moment pending a decision on what our strategy is on this. Look out for their return!