Friday, 29 June 2007

Two types of buzz

Whilst talking to a friend of mine who works for Come&Stay it was clear why we should pay more to attract mobile visitors than internet visitors. It's because they're already mobile web users looking for the sort of service we provide ... on a mobile. And that also reinforces my belief that our early adopters are not the people who get goosebumps using Twitter. They are not people wanting to broadcast their trazes on the internet for other web2.0 enthusiasts, wannabes and curious surfers. They are people who don't know or don't care about web2.0 or mobile2.0 but who do like exploring their mobiles to do fun, cool and yes, even useful things. It's interesting how much time companies spend trying to create buzz in this techno ecosystem that does not reach the early adopters they are really targeting. Of course they want to attract the attention of bloggers, companies and investors. But it's better to win over real customers first.

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UriL said...

Great insight. To add a few words to that: specifically in consumer entertainment (and IM is a sort of), you must always think about the "commons" - or the mass users that as u said don't care and don't want to know about the tech tongue-in-cheek style. They want useful and fun experience.
They are probably also better word-of-mouth influencers, since they aren't chasing the "new new thing" all the time, and just like to share with friends what they like to do.

In music 2.0 services specifically, it's a typical mistake to target the geeks crowd, and forget about the masses, and their needs. One killer feature for the "commons" worths thousands more than any geek-sleek fashion.
For example: Myspace...

It's always good to be a geek-favourite. Actually in Enterprise 2.0 or Office 2.0 apps it's a must. But in entertainment it's just an important nice-to-have that should be balanced with the real target markets.