Friday, 8 June 2007

Bluetooth still has bite

MobiLuck built their reputation on Bluetooth, or rather on bending and reconfiguring it to make it do what was then impossible: rapidly detect multiple devices and transfer lots of data between them almost simultaneously.

Bluetooth has evolved since those early days in 2003, and the MobiLuck team, not forgetting their roots, have made sure they remain on top of this technology (and on top of how to hack it!). So whilst launching our new consumer products we're also applying our expertise in mobile advertising via bluetooth to help business clients deliver cool marketing campaigns.

Case in point: Last night at Le Baron, a hot club right now in Paris (they describe it as 'branché' meaning 'plugged in'), we helped FullSIX deliver 3 minute videos, music files and brand logos via an automatic bluetooth distribution terminal to the punter's mobile phones on behalf of a clothing brand, Zadig&Voltaire. Magic!

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UriL said...

hey - sounds like a cool setting :) Can we see any screenshots/videos of this campaign?