Monday, 28 May 2007

People and Places Close to You - if you're in Amsterdam

This week it's the run-up to TheNextWeb conference on Friday and the team is very busy improving the WAP service ready for flawless demonstrations. We've been selected for a spot on the start-up stands and we'll be setting up a laptop with wi-fi access and handing out 'mobiti' tatoos ('mobiti' is our little mascot, a green man in a flying saucer).
There are scores of little changes to make to the service, each aimed at making it that little bit more intuitive, easier to understand, quicker to navigate through, lower on data bandwidth, easier on the eye on a small screen. Meanwhile I've been populating the places database with a few tourist attractions and restaurants in Amsterdam so that when we demo the place localiser we don't get a blank screen. And I'll be geolocalising them when I arrive Thursday. What a good excuse to go checking out the hot spots in Amsterdam on work time ...

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