Tuesday, 29 May 2007

It's all got to be done by midnight or failing that, ASAP

Today was 'we want your pitch by midnight' day. The ASAP items have to wait until tomorrow morning. Everything has really shifted up a gear following our award of a spot on the start-up stands at TheNextWeb (see the cute Web2.0 style rosette). Tv4b want to do a video interview and want materials in advance. Quartier Numerique need stuff for their launch in Paris. We need a press release ASAP for printing tomorrow to take to Amsterdam ... because it's now official that we're launching our new service at the conference. We've got 60 seconds to announce it on stage so it's got to be slick. And Stephane and Marc are working like mad on the WAP service (still testing all the links on that stringball diagram from last week, no doubt) whilst Olivier grapples with a live development environment doing demos at Where2.0 in California: One minute you can see me in the contacts list, the next ... poof! ... no it doesn't bear thinking about ...

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