Monday, 21 May 2007

Getting ready for TheNextWeb 2007

Just got moving organising our presence at TheNextWeb 2007 conference in Amsterdam on the 31st May - 1st June this year. We'll see who gets selected for the speedpitch and stands (limited places only) but we're ready to show what we've got to everyone because the only platform we need is the mobile phones in our hands.
Olivier's battered N70 looks like it's been through the first dotcom bubble plus a sheep dip for good measure and mine looks like it's just fallen out of the box (an N95 and it keeps crashing ... must get the firmware updated). Still, WAP looks like WAP so no problem there - and our WAP looks rather nice compared to most...
So we're wondering whether to go for the coffee intro or the dinner and clearly the dinner wins hands down. Is anyone going to shake the foundations of web2.0 wisdom now that everyone knows or thinks they know what it's about? No of course not, they're going to simply make the most of the networking opportunity over dinner. That's what it's all about. Bring on the erwtensoep and the herbal cigarettes.

2 commentaires:

UriL said...

herbal cigarettes eh?...:)

Patrick Lord said...

No I won't be partaking I'm afraid. Now I remember the signs outside some of the 'coffee shops' in Amsterdam saying that if you add tabacco to the mix you risk becoming addicted to the nicotine!