Friday, 29 May 2009

MobiLuck exceeds 1 million members

We've exceeded 1 million members and we're growing at 6 000 new joiners a day! Here's the text of our press release sent out this morning:

Paris, France – 29 May, 2009 – Mobiluck, a privately-held mobile services company that offers a location-based mobile social network, announced today that it has exceeded one million members worldwide since the launch of its service two years ago. MobiLuck allows users to find nearby friends, people and places using simply their mobile. It is one of the largest worldwide location-based mobile social networks in the world and the fastest-growing with 6 000 new members per day. Page views tripled over the last three months to 42 million per month.

Mobile social networking is the number one use of the mobile internet worldwide and a billion people will be doing it by 2012 (Pyramid Research). MobiLuck is critically positioned to grab a large share of this growing market. "The service is designed to work on all devices, in all countries, on all carriers, it’s free and it’s a pure mobile web service with no download required," says Olivier Chouraki, founder and CEO of MobiLuck. “So everyone can use it.”

MobiLuck’s users are average age 23 and come mainly from the US, Europe, India, Middle East and South Africa. This new generation of users is making the most of their mobile, using it as their primary connection to the internet. They want a full social networking experience on the go so they can be always connected with their friends wherever they are. They constitute an attractive audience for brands and premium ad agencies who are currently seeing 2% click through rates on their ads on MobiLuck. By combining volume with the ability to target users by age, gender and location, Mobiluck expects continued healthy growth in this area of the business.

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