Monday, 19 November 2007

The Official Press Release :-)

MobiLuck launches social network: bump into your friends with radar alerts!

Today MobiLuck launches their new location-based socialising service that lets you share where you are with your friends and alert each other when you’re nearby, all on your mobile phone or computer.

Are you often asked “Where are you?” on the phone? Are you sometimes looking for your friends? Partner? Children? Colleagues? Would you like to know if a friend is in the same restaurant? Bar? Nightclub? Concert? Would you like to bump into friends more often? Would you rather avoid some people? We often need to tell others where we are, to know where someone is, or to see if there are interesting people nearby. MobiLuck answers all these needs. Knowing where people are is our mission!

Where are my friends?
Say you’ve just arrived at the cinema. You connect to MobiLuck and select the cinema as your location. Your friends and MSN contacts can then see where you are. They also get an alert by SMS if they are in the same area so they can get in touch and maybe join you to watch the film. Meantime you browse the people radar and discover another friend who is already there and send a message or call them in one click.

Make new friends too
Your radar also shows another MobiLucker in the same cinema! Nice photo … cool profile! You send him a quick message “Hey there :-)” and a few messages later you meet up. Fancy a meal together after the film? You click on ‘Sushi’. There’s one that’s highly rated 400m away: “Best in town” … and you have the map to get there. You’re going to have a great evening!

Privacy first
MobiLuck lets you protect your privacy, whether it's your location or your personal details. You can reveal what you want, to whom you want, when you want. You can even ‘teleport’ yourself and pretend to be somewhere else!

Simple and free to use
MobiLuck is available now in all countries on all networks on all mobile phones. You don’t need a GPS or smart phone. Your just need access to the mobile internet. And it’s free – outside of the usual operator charges. Try it now by visiting on your mobile phone or on your PC!

Press contact: +33 1 44 89 47 10

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